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Fairies, Clintons, and Blood Spouts [original blog post 6/1/2019]

The past week contained a LOT of theatre doing and watching, and here's most or all of it:

s/o Stacey Abrams

Much Ado About Nothing - Thanks to a dear coworker friend, I was able to see the second preview of The Public's production of Much Ado in the park. The set was beautiful, the cast was radiant (Danielle Brooks is stunning as Beatrice), and the entire production just filled my heart up with so much joy. Highly recommend seeing this if you can!


A Midsummer Night's Dream - As a part of this second year project, directed by Ed Berkley, a crew of first years were recruited as Titania's entourage. On Sunday and Monday of this week, I flounced up and down and around the Oklahoma! set as a glittery, barefoot, scarf-covered fairy. This production was pure delight. Every moment in this show was filled with laughter and magic and I am so grateful to have been Peasblossom in the fairy army. Even with all the sickness and yuck that blasted through the cast.

legs baby

Hillary and Clinton - Circle really came through with the free tickets this week, and this was the first of two wonderful shows I saw as a result. On Wednesday, I spent 90 minutes in the Golden Theatre marveling at Laurie Metcalf's talent and John Lithgow's height (and leggy legs). This play was over as soon as it began, so deft was the writing. I was also stunned at the almost brutal portrayal of the Clinton's marriage that was given in the play. Neither Metalf or Lithgow were aiming for exact imitations of their respective Clinton, but rather explored each as their own individual and deeply layered character (with all the flaws, confusion, and political calculation included). And while I can't say I left feeling any more or less of any particular way about either Clinton, I gained worlds of appreciation for all of the brilliant storytelling elements of the play (actors, set, writing and all).

lots of wow and yikes all at once and aren't we grateful

Gary: A Sequel To Titus Andronicus - I wonder if Circle was aware that they were offering two of the most far-distant opposing theatrical experiences imaginable. Where Hillary was clever, self-aware, and invited audiences into a deeply intimate view of a marriage, Gary hit the ground running with spouting blood, animatronic dicks (yes multiple), and tubes of feces. This show was completely entertaining and also utter nonsense. And when I sensed that the show was trying to infuse itself with some higher meaning, I found myself thinking, "no stop! you're fine! just be what you are it's ok!". Nathan Lane was as brilliant as could be expected of Nathan Lane, and probably more. The other actors were also wonderful, while I did feel a kinesthetic response to the shredding of their unmic'ed voices. Regardless, it was a fun 90 minutes of my roommate and I squealing with laughter.

That's all. Please all, please do yourselves a favor and go watch Fleabag. It is simultaneously one of the best written and funniest and most heart-filled shows I've ever seen.


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