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My Second Fall in NYC [original blog post 10/18/2019]

Readers, I write to you from a swively metal and wood chair in my local 24 hour laundromat. Now well over a month into second year, these quiet moments of stillness have become incredibly rare and precious. So you betcha I will savor a chance to blog in this Clean Rite.

Within the past week, New York has fully embraced every single idea of autumn. And while I certainly feel the strain that this city can put on a person (especially spending as much time on and around 50th st as I do), I really really love fall in NYC. I am lucky to live in an incredibly picturesque part of Brooklyn, with all the huge trees and ancient brownstones. But even beyond that, New York carries autumn with a wonderful vibrancy. Even stomping through the gale and downpour on my way home from seeing Tootsie last night (it was eh) I felt so enlivened. And while I miss the colorful and chilly falls of the midwest, I am beyond stoked for all the coming ghouls and ghosts of yet another big city Scorpio Season.

It sure has been a minute since my last Circle update. Maybe someday I will be able to puzzle out the concept of "time management" as a student at this school, but it is not just yet. As is to be expected, much has been happening in this sub-Oklahoma! basement, and here's some or all or a semi-forgotten fever dream memory of it.

This week has really kicked off true preparation for our final showcase in February. Yes, we have all been working on scenes and songs and ourselves, but this week had our first chances to officially show any of that to our teachers. The musical theatre students had our Showcase Auditions on Tuesday night, where we each had a chance to sing and express our hearts out in an impossibly tiny and toasty room filled with a number of Circle faculty members. In just a few days, we all will have a chance to present a scene to yet more faculty. These events and those still to come give us chances to hear feedback and guidance so that we can put for the best versions of ourselves come February. As of yet, I'm feeling muddled and unsure, but excited for the work ahead. Other than that, our lives in the basement have been chugging right along filled with challenging, invigorating, and enlightening work. From the traditional Russian Meal we shared with Alan Langdon in celebration of ALL THE CHEKHOV we are about to do to rowdy games of IPA twister with our speech teacher, Shannon Marie Sullivan to our mindblowing and endlessly entertaining On Camera class with Zachary Spicer, I find myself exhausted but deeply enjoying myself and all that I am learning.

we F E A S T

mid all my own personal or artistic confusion resides a comfortable confidence in the work. Of course I have no idea what I'm doing ever forever, but I think I am finally becoming ok with that, or nearly approaching that. I have miles to go, but this year I find my mind and my heart opening to everything in ways that are scary but thrilling. I'll probably continue to question myself at every step, and there will certainly be an upward trend in any given week's cry-count, but I think I am ok with continually jumping off all of these cliffs.

there are many ways to learn speech

What else to say? Since last I wrote:

  • I sang for Natalie Weiss, someone I HUGELY admire which was terrifying and fun

  • I've continued working at The Meat Hook at Threes Brewing in Gowanus which is simply a blast

  • nearly wept over a porchetta sandwich and vintage beef burger within one week at said restaurant

  • neglected many chores that a human grown up person must do (see me sitting in this 24hr laundo mat)

  • flopped around as Tom Stoppard's Rosencrantz

  • am 2/3 through my third read of His Dark Materials and am so ready to WEEP in a couple weeks.

  • proudly harvested a handful of tinie tomatoes from my little garden and pledged to be a better gardener next year

  • got cute glasses

Can't promise that I will write again soon, but I will surely try. xoxo

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